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Ornate walnut door from Kapurthala, quality wood carving on furniture from Jaipur,  Kashmir and other wooden artefacts.   

Wood Carving

In the 19th century India, the following centers were highly active in producing masterpieces of wood carving - Nagina, Bijnor, Banaras and Mainpuri in U.P., Hoshiarpur, Kapurthala and Jalandhar in Punjab, Surat and Ahmedabad in Gujarat , Vizagapattam and Trichinopalli in South and Khandela (Shekhawati) in Rajasthan. The major part of the collection was acquired from these places. A number of objects from Japan, Sri Lanka and Burmah were also purchased. These centres are also specialised in various modes of decoration i.e. carving, inlaying, painting, lacquering and veneering; for example Mainpuri (UP) excelled in Tarkashi – wire inlay work and Hoshiarpur (Punjab) for ivory inlay.

Wood used for the ornamental work in India are teak, shisham, deodar, sandalwood, ebony, walnut, tun, nim, red wood (Madras), rohira, jack wood and babul etc. Craftsmen selected wood by the grain of the timbre, depending on the items they had to make i.e. teak, red wood and walnut for deep under cutting and sculpture, shisham and deodar are good for low relief work while sandalwood is excellent for intricate and delicate workmanship. For bold designs coarse grained sal, babul and rohida are used.

The Museum collection of Albert Hall is of the 19th century, purchased in national and international exhibitions with a few exceptions, being gifts from dignitaries visiting the museum. They are all creations of master craftsmen as only selected items were displayed in those exhibitions.  

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  • Door


    A painted and lacquered rectangular wooden door. Its upper part has Latticed window with square and arch pattern.

    Accession Number 5245 (1)

  • Wooden Bird Toy

    Wooden Bird Toy

    A grotesque bird, with expanded tail, standing on a wheeled pedestal, 19th century.

    Accession Number 3371

  • Boar Box

    Boar Box

    A lion attacking a boar, is shown on a box platform, 19th century.

    Accession Number NN - 12

  • Elephant with Mahawat

    Elephant with Mahawat

    A mahawat is seated on elephant , lacquer painted, 19th century.

    Accession Number 5271

  • Drummer


    A drummer sitting on camel, dressed in typical Rajasthani costume, 19th century.

    Accession Number 3408

  • Almirah


    A front portion of Almirah with carved floral design in arch pattern. It has perforations in the centre.

    Accession Number 8063

  • King on Elephant

    King on Elephant

     A lacquer painted wooden toy carving of a king sitting in a howdah on an elephant, 19th century. 

    Accession Number 3371

  • Carved Wooden Door

    Carved Wooden Door

    Heavily carved wooden door, Kapurthala, Punjab, 19th century.

    Accession Number 1443, N/195

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