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  • Lady with a mirror

    Lady with a mirror

    A lady with a mirror in her hand, 19th century. 

    Accession Number 6=68

  • Lady with a bird

    Lady with a bird

    A lady standing and a bird sitting on her hand, 19th century. 

    Accession Number 5=68

  • Man with a lotus

    Man with a lotus

    A man standing with a Lotus flower in his hand, 19th century. 

    Accession Number 4=68

  • Man with Sarangi

    Man with Sarangi

    A man playing Sarangi in Rajasthan, 19th century. 

    Accession Number 3=68

  • Man with flower

    Man with flower

    A man standing with flower in his hand, 19th century. 

    Accession Number 2=68

  • Gun powder horn

    Gun powder horn

    A gun powder horn, 19th century. 

  • Cylindrical Medicine Box

    Cylindrical Medicine Box

    A circular medicine box with seven round knobs with a cover painted in red dots, Shri Lanka, 19th century.


    Accession Number 4849

  • Cow and Calf

    Cow and Calf

    Cow and calf, Jaipur, 19thcentury. 

    Accession Number 4844

  • Photo Frame

    Photo Frame

    A small frame for a carte-de-visite photograph, of sandal wood with ivory carved ornament, Vishakhapattnam, 19thcentury. 

    Accession Number 3290

  • Dancing lady

    Dancing lady

    Dancing lady holding staffs, 19thcentury.  

    Accession Number 16 (59-60)

  • Statue of Saraswati

    Statue of Saraswati

    A statue of Saraswati standing on a wooden rectangular pedestal. She is in chaturbhuj posture. Holding sitar in one, book with two hands and peacock head with one. She is standing on a lotus, 19thcentury. 

    Accession Number 99-61

  • Shiva


    A statue of lord Shiva in Natraja posture. Lord Shiva is standing on a demon, attached to a leaf shaped pedestal. Over his head Ganga is depicted under a snake hood, 19thcentury. 

    Accession Number 98-61

  • Dancing Lady

    Dancing Lady

    A statue of a lady standing on a pedestal, 19thcentury.  

    Accession Number 96-61

  • Statue of Lady on Lotus

    Statue of Lady on Lotus

    A statue of a lady standing on lotus. She has a lotus bud in one hand and a leaf in the other. A peacock is standing beside her, 19thcentury. 

    Accession Number 97-61

  • Hair Pin

    Hair Pin

    A hair pin with carved handle. Handle has three swans, Burma, 19thcentury. 

    Accession Number 4963

  • Paniharin


    A lady with a pot on her head, Paniharin, 19thcentury. 

    Accession Number 15(59-60)

  • Lady Viewing a Mirror

    Lady Viewing a Mirror

    Standing lady viewing herself in a mirror.

    Accession Number 14(59-60)

  • Goddess Ambika

    Goddess Ambika

    The seated Goddess Ambika with six arms.

    Accession Number 14(59-60)

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