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  • Persian Hukkah

    Persian Hukkah

    Silver Hukkah base with floral patterns in medallions: Persia, 19th century

    Accession Number N/1070

  • Mahabharat Vessel

    Mahabharat Vessel

    Mughal style brass vessel embossed with grotesque figures with floral ornaments, from Akbar’s Razm-Nama: Jaipur 19th century.

    Accession Number 2459

  • Ramayana Shield

    Ramayana Shield

    Bronze Shield with scenes from the Ramayana from Akbar’s Razm-Nama etched on Silver plated brass plaques by Ganga Baksh: Jaipur 19th century.

    Accession Number 11142

  • Jaipur Ewer

    Jaipur Ewer

    Brass ewer with medallions showing lions preying on deer and copper enrichments with dragon-head handle: Jaipur 19th century.

    Accession Number 2413

  • Ramayan Chalice

    Ramayan Chalice

    Brass vessel with embossed and raised medallions showing scenes from the Ramayan with floral design, Jaipur.19th century

    Accession Number 989

  • Jaipur Ewer

    Jaipur Ewer

    Copper and brass ewer with ornamental flowers and medallions showing fighting animals in repousśe work: Jaipur 19th century.

    Accession Number 2405

  • Zodiac Salver

    Zodiac Salver

    Brass salver showing 28 Nakshatras (asterisms) in the outer circle, 12 zodiac signs in the inner circle and the sun on a celestial chariot at centre: Jaipur 19th century.

    Accession Number N/35

  • Yarkand Coffee - Pot

    Yarkand Coffee - Pot

    Brass and Copper Coffee – Pot,

    Accession Number 2414

  • Dashavtar Salver

    Dashavtar Salver

    Copper salver showing Dash Avatar (the ten incarnation) of Lord Vishnu  in repousśe with floral medallion at centre by Govind Vishwanath: Pune 19th century.

    Accession Number 530

Gallery Collection : Metal Art


Collection of 19th century vessels, salvers and figures in brass, bronze, silver, zinc and alloys from different parts of India and the region; Unique Ramayan, Mahabharat and Ashwa-medh shields; Rare salvers with Zodiac signs, Nakshatras and Tithis.

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  • Persian Hukkah

    Persian Hukkah

    Silver Hukkah base with floral patterns in medallions: Persia, 19th century

  • Brass Plate

    Brass Plate

    Circular brass plate, deep in middle and is decorated with enamelling work on the upper edges by floral ornamentation filled in black.

    Accession Number 77-79

  • Lotus Seat

    Lotus Seat

    A lotus seat for 'lingam' composed of a bowl with separate thin, pointed and curving petals which can be closed to enclose the symbol when placed in the circular receptacle. This assembly is placed on the back of the bull' Nandi' which stands on a rectangular pedestal decorated with diamond shaped perforations. It is from Nasik.

    Accession Number 9865

  • Atardan


    An atardan (perfume bottle) of silver metal having filgri work with enamel cover. It also has compartments for pan and a kiblahnama or compass.

    Accession Number 868

  • Box


    Brass box, oval shaped, turquoise and coral set in studs in ovals all over box. Repose figures of mosques and floral designs alternate. A key to lock the box is also present.

    Accession Number N/562

  • Chaupra


    A Chaupra of silver metal in leaf form. A peacock is standing over it and decorated by floral pattern and can be opened. It was used to keep roli and rice  for Tilak .

    Accession Number 70-13

  • Water vessel (Surahi)

    Water vessel (Surahi)

    A water vessel (surahi) made of zinc from Rewari with a globular belly and a long slender neck and a lid with a knob at its mouth. Lower and upper part of the neck and lower portion of belly are made of brass and decorated with engraved floral patterns.

    Accession Number 384

  • Cup and cover

    Cup and cover

    Cup and cover, round pedestal with some layers, alternate engraving is seen. The cylindrical belly decorated with strap work and masks in repose. The cover has same work with round holder in the centre. The original is of silver gilt.

    Accession Number 4301

  • Water vessel

    Water vessel

    A large water vessel from Surat with its belly made of copper and its neck spout, handle and base made of brass. Its belly is globular at bottom and narrowing upwards and decorated with rib-patterns. Its handle has a head of dragon. Neck is decorated with incised lines.

    Accession Number 382

  • Tray


    A silver gold plated tray. It has geometrical flower in centre with leaves in gold and flower in silver.

    Accession Number 877

  • Tray


    A silver tray in circular shape having floral pattern design.

    Accession Number 875

  • Bowl


    An antique bowl with a symbolic brass relief, original in silver. Imperial cabinet of Antiquities, Vienna. Relief work, faces, animal figure, birds symbol done in outer part of bowl.

    Accession Number 10924

  • Tray Salver

    Tray Salver

    A silver, parcel-gilt circular salver. Champleve enamel ornament with a band of flowers and animals round the centre.

    Accession Number 844

  • Fish


    A silver Antimony fish. It's neck and tail flippers are painted with golden colour.

    Accession Number 341

  • Incense Burner

    Incense Burner

    A Jain incense burner made of brass from Ujjain having two elongated hollow boat like receptacle intercepted by a circular receptacle placed on a pointed base between the big receptacles. It has a big pedestal with a bead like pattern adorning its neck and base.

    Accession Number 544

  • Toilet Box

    Toilet Box

    Accession Number 9874

  • Flower Vase

    Flower Vase

    A flower vase intricately engraved with tree designs. The mouth has indented edges seems to be upwardly projected.

    Accession Number 3590

  • Flagon


    Ornament foliage

    Accession Number 874

  • Tray


    A gold plated silver tray with engraved flowers at centre. The rim also has gold flower design.

    Accession Number 878

  • Bracelet


    A bracelet of silver, decorated with six mythological figures. Figures are in high relief.

    Accession Number R11-12(I)/P171/S20

  • Surahi


    A brass 'Surahi. A metallic polish of golden and black colour is used over it. The designs has forms of gods and goddess with floral pattern. Brahma, Shiva and Lakshmi are engraved on the pot.

    Accession Number 77-133

  • Dish Oval

    Dish Oval

    An oval dish; with handles. The lower surface has a gloss. The sides are decorated with small wired circles in scroll like pattern. The whole body is decorated with floral pattern

    Accession Number 7594

  • Hookah


    Enamel hookah with four detached parts and the ceronut. It has two holes for boiler pipe and a niche. The pictures are shown in medallions and the other floral patterns are on encircled cylindrical metal sheets. The chillum has covering of POP at its base.

    Accession Number N/1127

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