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  • Buddha Nepal

    Buddha Nepal

    Brass Buddha surrounded by heavenly beings  blessing him on his enlightenment. The Buddha is in the earth touch gesture (Bhumi Sparsh Mudra): Nepal

    Accession Number 1114

  • Daimio, Feudal Lord

    Daimio, Feudal Lord

    Antique Japanese doll figure – feudal lord wearing black and yellow Kimono, holding wooden stick, umbrella, fan and sword: Edo period, Japan late 18th century.

    Accession Number 11049

  • Minton Ewer

    Minton Ewer

    Reproduction of Henry Deux ceramic ewer, called Iron Ware, procured from Messes. Minton and Co. Stoke-Upon-Trent

    Accession Number 5002

  • Painting on Porcelain

    Painting on Porcelain

    Rectangular porcelain tile with relief embossed work showing a horse rider holding a halk and bridle: Iran 19th century.

    Accession Number N/450

  • Egyptian Mummy

    Egyptian Mummy

    Egyptian Mummy of Tutu, priestess of god Chem of Ptolomaic epoch. Found at Akhmin, ancient Panopolis:. Egypt 322 to 30 B.C.

    Accession Number 10742

  • Burmese Bowl

    Burmese Bowl

    Carved silver bowl with dancing figure below; Burma 19th century

    Accession Number 866

  • Satsuma Vase

    Satsuma Vase

    Satsuma vase by Kinkosan potters from Kyoto who made enameled and gilded high fire pottery with scenes showing Samurai warriors and Gheshas.  Japan 19th century

    Accession Number N/397

  • Isis and Horus

    Isis and Horus

    Egyptian bronze showing Isis, Goddess of childbirth, healing and magic feeding her son Horus: Egypt 7th to 4th century B.C.

    Accession Number 10428

  • Scent Bottle

    Scent Bottle

    A scent bottle of Agate stone with a bird on cover.

    Accession Number 1695

Gallery Collection : International Art


Egyptian Mummy 322-30 B.C., Pharaonic antiquities 11th-1st century B.C., Graeco-Roman replicas, 19th century Japanese dolls, bronzes and swords; vintage pottery masterpieces from Britain, Iran, Turkey and Japan; giant Nepalese brass Buddha; Burmese art

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  • Wedgwood Pot

    Wedgwood Pot

    Pot with portrait of Josiah Wedgewood.  Josiah Wedgewood 1730-1795 converted an inconsequential manufactory into an elegant art and an important part of the national commerce. He was created potter to the Queen in 1768

    Accession Number N/313

  • Vase


    Mosaic like ornamented gilt work Daulton.

    Accession Number 8918

  • Vase With Donkeys

    Vase With Donkeys

    Sgraffito by Hannah Barlow.

    Accession Number 8911

  • Yellow coloured spouted vessel

    Yellow coloured spouted vessel

    A yellow coloured spouted vessel with large handle on the top, decorated with perforated medallions on the body and top. 19th century, Hungarian Zsolnay pottery.

    Accession Number 8524

  • Dish


    Leaf shaped dish with a handle and a bird on the edge, yellow ground and natural coloured shades, Awaji, Japanese porcelain

    Accession Number 10958

  • Long Vase

    Long Vase

    Grecian, cream colured ground,with painted figures of Diana and a dog.Ipsen

    Accession Number 5017

  • Minton Tile

    Minton Tile

    Painted tile showing woman in forest with deer: Minton ware UK,  19th century.

    Accession Number 5028

  • Minton Tile

    Minton Tile

    Painted tile with two figures: Minton ware UK,  19th century.

    Accession Number 5029

  • Satyr Carrying Wine Skin

    Satyr Carrying Wine Skin

    An Etruscan scarab. It shows Satyr carrying wine-skin on his back. Nude figure. Bent body. Oval shape. Framed. Fine relief work in POP, small cast from British Museum.

    Accession Number 8019

  • Head of Demetrios Poliorketes

    Head of Demetrios Poliorketes

    A later Greek and Cracco Roman gem cast in POP. Fine relief of Demetrios Poliorketes’ head in profile. oval shaped in golden frame by Augustus P. Ready: UK,  19th century

    Accession Number 7865

  • Model of a Lady

    Model of a Lady

    Exquisite ceramic model of a Roman lady holding a drape:UK,  19th century.

    Accession Number N/605

  • British Doll

    British Doll

    Beautiful doll with hazel eyes, brown bob hair, woolen coat and hood, red shoes: UK,  19th century

    Accession Number 4077

  • Persian Tile

    Persian Tile

    Tile showing a princess and attendant on horses in relief. Beautifully executed landscape with water and floral designs with bird in a vertical panel on left of tile: Iran,  18th century.

    Accession Number N-445

  • Persian Tile

    Persian Tile

    Tile with exquisite floral design in blue, red, green and yellow on white ground: Iran,  18th century.

    Accession Number N/451

  • Bullock Cart

    Bullock Cart

    A model of a Burmese covered carriage with gliding doors and drawn by bullocks, wood.

    Accession Number 6285

  • Chinese Sage Group

    Chinese Sage Group

    A group of environmental Chinese sages. Extra ordinary effect achieved by carving a multi coloured soap stone: China,  19th century

    Accession Number 9421

  • Monkeys


    Two monkeys with red circular eyes carved from black soap stone: China, 19th century.

    Accession Number 9392

  • Reclining Horse

    Reclining Horse

    Resemblance to Tang dynasty horse sculptures: stone, China,  19th century.

    Accession Number N/676

  • Old Man and Tree

    Old Man and Tree

    Old man and tree. Pink soap stone with beautifully carved tree and perforated design: China, 19th century

    Accession Number 9395

  • Mikado


    Antique Japanese doll figure – Mikado or Japanese emperor in silk Kimono and wooden shoes: Edo period, Japan,  late 18th century.

    Accession Number 11214

Egyptian Antiques

  • Egyptian Goddess

    Egyptian Goddess

    Accession Number 10550

  • Young Horus

    Young Horus

    Wearing lock of hair on the right side of his head representing youth – god of the rising sun, war and protection: Egypt, 7th to 4th century BC.

    Accession Number N/575

  • Pharaonic Toilet Box

    Pharaonic Toilet Box

    Egyptian antique,Toilet Box

    Accession Number 10719

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