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  • Arm Guard

    Arm Guard

    Arm guard with koftgiri inlay work

    Accession Number 3-3,3/2

  • Ankush-Elephant Goad

    Ankush-Elephant Goad

    Steel elephant goad with etching work with bronze handle: South India.

    Accession Number 1003,1004

  • Gurj Mace

    Gurj Mace

    Club with spikes capable of penetrating protective helmets and armour

    Accession Number NN-37

  • Iranian Zambiya

    Iranian Zambiya

    Steel,ram - headed hilt with gold koftgiri on scabbard: Iran

    Accession Number NN-19

  • Straight Sword

    Straight Sword

    Straight sword with etching and gold koftkari work showing image of Kali stepping on Shiva.Hilt is Karanshahi. 

    Accession Number N/1148

  • Kolabewali Hilt

    Kolabewali Hilt

    Hilt with gold koftkari work with Sanskrit inscription: Jaipur, 18th century.

    Accession Number 08

  • Tahnishan work on Blade (Katar)

    Tahnishan work on Blade (Katar)

    Blade with Tahnishan work showing fighting elephant, deer, dragon : mughal: Rajasthan, 18th  century

    Accession Number N/1156

  • Iranian Helment

    Iranian Helment

    Helmet with gold koftkari and calligraphy: Iran.

    Accession Number NN-65

  • Gun Powder Horn

    Gun Powder Horn

    Gun Powder Horn with a lion’s head shown

    Accession Number 78

Gallery Collection : Arms & Armour

Rajput, Mughal, Hyderabadi, Afghan, Iranian, Arab, Turkish, swords, hilts, Tiger knives, armour, helmets, clubs, spears, javelins, shields, bows and arrows; with Koftkari, Chamanbandhi, Chapdi Chandrus, Karanshihi work in gold and silver; Damascene blades, Arabic calligraphy and Sanskrit inscriptions.

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  • Qama (knife)

    Qama (knife)

    A double edged pointed weapon. Blade has a central vertical line in the middle, and has inscription on both sides in Persian. Hilt and scabbard are made of iron (net pattern) having gold coating. Hilt is mounted with a sheep head.

    Accession Number NN-19

  • Arab Dagger

    Arab Dagger

    An Arabian dagger. It is a small double edged pointed weapon. Blade is made of iron with a sharp curve at the end. In center a line is present on the blade. Hilt and scabbard have golden plating and floral decoration as engraving.

    Accession Number 54

  • Goad


    An elephant goad with a small blade. It has a beautiful decoration on the blade. Vyala, a mythical animal is carved at the lower part of blade. Handle is made of iron and lower part has a lion face from which a crocodile is trying to come out.

    Accession Number 1004

  • Gun Powder Horn

    Gun Powder Horn

    A gun powder horn, made like a fish. A fine wire net is fixed on central part of fish. And at the front side a deer is trying to come out from fish's mouth.

    Accession Number ADD-1350

  • Gun Powder Horn

    Gun Powder Horn

    A gun powder horn or container with the front part shaped like a boar. This type of flask is used by musketeers in battle for muzzle loading guns.

    Accession Number 78

  • Chhuri (Knife)

    Chhuri (Knife)

    A beautiful knife. A single edged pointed weapon. Half part of blade and half part of hilt is decorated with silver. A crocodile is depicted with floral decoration at the middle.

    Accession Number 47

  • Knife


    A beautiful chhuri or knife. It is a single edged pointed weapon. Hilt is made of light green coloured jade stone with beautiful koft work.

    Accession Number ADD-1348

  • Tiger Claws (Bagh nakha)

    Tiger Claws (Bagh nakha)

    A small weapon for close fight. Four pointed nails or spikes are attached to a metal plate. Two rings are fixed at either side.

    Accession Number 5395

  • Dagger


    An ornamental knife and its blade has single side edge with pointed tip. Koft work is present on the blade near the hilt. Hilt is highly decorated with coral and turquoise at one side. Back side has floral decoration as relief. Scabbard is also decorated in the same manner where one side is decorated with coral and turquoise and other side with relief.

    Accession Number 4376

  • Katar (Dagger)

    Katar (Dagger)

    A double edged weapon with pointed tip. Blade has vertical line in the middle known as 'Marg' . Point is thick and projected from lower surface. Two long bars of handle have gold koft work on either side with animal and floral designs. Two small horizontal bars (Bhogli) are used as grip.

    Accession Number 14

  • Gurj with Spear Head

    Gurj with Spear Head

    A mace with several spikes on the top. Ball of the gurj is fixed into a spear, pointed spear head is coming across from bottom. Gurj has long handle and a hilt. Quillon and Pommel are made in saucer shape.

    Accession Number NN-37

  • Maru or Bhidcheer

    Maru or Bhidcheer

    A famous weapon of Maratha warriors called 'Maru' or 'Bhid Cheer'. It is used for close fight. In this weapon, a shield is attached to two spikes which are fixeds into two stag horn. Shield is highly decorated with brass design. Head is mounted with the head of a sheep. Knobs and crescent shaped relief is present on surface.

    Accession Number NN-19

  • Gauntlet


    A model of Gauntlet. It is long and hollow up to the elbow. Some relief work is done on the surface.

    Accession Number 4407

  • Jaghnol fixed in 'Pusthkhar'

    Jaghnol fixed in 'Pusthkhar'

    A gunpowder horn and spike of jaghnol is created together as one object. At the other end of spike a lion face is carved. This multi purpose object is fixed into a 'Pusthkhar'. Pusthkhar is a tool used by warrior at the time of itching. Silver koft work as floral design is present on the rod or handle.

    Accession Number NN-5

  • Chhuri (Knife)

    Chhuri (Knife)

    A Sri Lankan knife made in 'kandy'. Blade is made of iron and has a channel near back edges with gold decoration. Blade has floral design as relief in the middle part. A brass cap is present at the top of hilt and blade.

    Accession Number 86

  • Gun Powder Horn

    Gun Powder Horn

    A gun powder flask or container. Its front part shaped like a boar. This type of flask is used by musketeers in battle for muzzle loading guns.

    Accession Number 79

  • Sword Hilt

    Sword  Hilt

    Gold plated sword hilt showing Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh.

    Accession Number 09

  • Sword Hilt

    Sword  Hilt

    Gold plated sword hilt with flower designs.

    Accession Number 10

  • Match-lock with Four Shot Rotating Drum

    Match-lock with Four Shot Rotating Drum

    Match lock with Four Shot Rotating drum having flower motif in lacquer on butt, silver inlay on barrel and  muzzle shaped like crocodile:  Bikaner, 17th century

    Accession Number 379

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