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  • Rabab


    A large Rabab – musical instrument

    Accession Number 2993/N/18

  • Lacquered Country Cart

    Lacquered Country Cart

    Lacquered and painted wooden cart with dome drawn by pair of bullocks: 19th century

    Accession Number 3365

  • Kanishka Coin

    Kanishka Coin

    Kushan dynasty gold coin of emperor Kanishka with inscription in Greek script saying  “ Kushan, king Kanishka is emperor of rulers”: Kushan period 4th century A.D.

    Accession Number 82/1 (S-9)

  • Garnet Necklace

    Garnet Necklace

    Jaipur garnet necklace, garnets were mined near Jaipur which became a centre for manufacturing jewellery, Jaipur, 19th century

    Accession Number 3736

  • Ivory Dancing Figure

    Ivory Dancing Figure

    Dancing Figure of woman with staffs in her hands: 19th century

    Accession Number 16 (59-60)

  • Traditional Male Attire

    Traditional Male Attire

    Angarakha (tunic) and trouser with Kashmiri embroidery, Jaipur  19th century.

    Accession Number 152=62,153=62

  • Albert Prince of Wales

    Albert Prince of Wales

    Painting on canvas of Albert Prince of Wales, later king Edward VII, who laid the foundation stone of Albert Hall during his visit to Jaipur in 1876

    Accession Number NN-20

  • Carved Wooden Door

    Carved Wooden Door

    Heavily carved wooden door, Kapurthala, Punjab,19th century.

    Accession Number 1443, N/195

  • Carpet


    Small, square carpet.

    Accession Number 10785

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