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  • Kalki


    Marble sculpture of Kalki the last Avatar yet to incarnate to save mankind in the present age: Jaipur, 19th century.

    Accession Number 9501

  • Rahu


    Marble sculpture of Rahu ascending lunar node in astrology: Jaipur, 19th century.

    Accession Number 9569

  • Yama, God of death

    Yama, God of death

    Marble sculpture of Yama, the divine reaper seated on his vehicle the buffalo: Jaipur, 19th century

    Accession Number 9575

  • Burbhagwan


    Vishnu floating on a leaf of the Indian fig  tree before creation: Jaipur, 19th century

    Accession Number 9538

  • Durga


    Marble sculpture of Durga slaying demon Mahisasur: Lucknow, 19th century

    Accession Number 9626

  • Krishna


    Marble sculpture of Lord Krishna lifting mount Goverdhan to protect cattle during a  storm: Jaipur, 19th century

    Accession Number 9516

  • Marble Inlay Plate

    Marble Inlay Plate

    Marble Plate Inlaid with semi – precious stones inspired by similar works on walls of Taj Mahal: Agra,19th century

    Accession Number 2295

  • Neminath, Jain Trithankar

    Neminath, Jain Trithankar

    Marble sculpture of Neminath, one of twenty four Jain Tirthankars,  enlightened beings: Jaipur, 19th century

    Accession Number 9607

  • Shiv Mahadev

    Shiv Mahadev

    Marble sculpture of Lord Shiva seated in ‘Sukhasana’ posture of happiness and contentment. River Ganga originates from his matted hair: Jaipur, 19th century.

    Accession Number 9545

Gallery Collection : Marble Art

         Some of the finest examples of Indian stone sculptures are to be found in Rajasthan partronized by rulers and philanthropists for building temples. The tradition was carried forward by guilds of artisans. For centuries marble sculptures of deities have been carved by artisans in Jaipur where religious iconography developed into a fine art. This was facilitated by the ready availability of fine marble from the famous Makarana mines, not very far from Jaipur.

         Some examples of 19th century sculptures carved by Jaipur artisans are on display here showing an entire cosmology of Hindu and Jain deities. Even today, a lane within Jaipur's walled city, the Khazanewalon ka Rasta is renowned for work shops engaged in sculpting small and large images of Hindu deities for temples throughout India and for temples overseas as well.

         The display includes:


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  • Indra-Deva


    Indra riding on an elephant's back, is placed on an oval shaped pedestal. Indra is four-armed and holding attributes and both are beautifully painted, Jaipur, 19th century 


    Accession Number 9572

  • Model of Tomb of Etmad-ud-daula

    Model of Tomb of Etmad-ud-daula

    Model of Tomb of Etmad-ud-daula, Agra, 19th century. 

    Accession Number 9406

  • A Box

    A Box

    A flat box made of white marble. It's cover is inlaid with a floral shrub in green, blue, red and yellow colours. It is supported on four legs. It is octagonal, Agra, 19th century. 

    Accession Number 9438

  • A Box

    A Box

    A small box having geometrical designs. A flat base with a domical shaped knob. The box is of circular shape.

    Accession Number 648A(II)

  • Box


    A hexagonal, flat, carved, perforated box made of soap stone. It is supported on six legs. Floral and geometrical pattern can be seen on it. It has a cover having a domical shaped knob, Agra, 19th century. 

    Accession Number 9439

  • Plate


    A plate made of soap stone. It is having carved ornamental sides and octagonal angles. In the centre a carved flower can be seen. It has flat base, Agra, 19th century. 

    Accession Number 9461

  • Brahmarshi Narada

    Brahmarshi Narada

    A hermit or saint called "Brahmarshi Narada" and remembered as a devotee of Vishnu Jaipur, 19th century. 

    Accession Number 9524

  • Ananta Nath

    Ananta Nath

    A sculpture of Ananta Nath, 14th Jain Tirthankar, Jaipur, 19th century. 

    Accession Number 9599

  • Laxmi and Vishnu

    Laxmi and Vishnu

    Laxmi and Vishnu, Jaipur, 19th century. 

    Accession Number 9544

  • Rama Holding Hanuman

    Rama Holding Hanuman

    Rama seated on high pedestal in cross-legged posture holding an object in left hand while Hanuman is sitting on his right side. It is painted in golden and green colour, Jaipur, 19th century. 

    Accession Number 9539

  • Kartikeya


    A four-armed Kartikeya riding on peacock holding his attributes and left lower hand is in varada-mudra. He is shown six-headed and beautifully painted with colours, 19th century. 

    Accession Number 9548

  • Kachhavatar


    Tortoise incarnation of Vishnu, shown in syncritic form, lower half is in animal form and upper part of the body is in the form of human. Vishnu is four-armed, holding his attributes and his right lower hand is in varada mudra. He is beautifully painted with colours, Jaipur, 19th century. 

    Accession Number 9493

  • Bhairava


    A crude image of four-armed Bhairava standing across the body of vahana dog. He is holding munda, sword, trident and damru in his hand from right to left respectively. He is painted with black colour while pedestal is white, Jaipur, 19th century. 

    Accession Number 9554

  • Yajna or Sacrifice Personified

    Yajna or Sacrifice Personified

    A yajna or sacrific personified. Its colour is white and standing on the rectangular base. It is two handed, holding the smoking pipe with the right hand and damru in other hand, Jaipur, 19th century. 

    Accession Number 9506

  • Mangala or Mars

    Mangala or Mars

    A four-armed sculpture of Mars (Mangala) one of the planet, riding on ram. Mangala is painted with red colour while ram is shown in white colour. He is holding a mace in the left upper hand.

    Accession Number 9564

  • Ketu


    A sculpture of Ketu , Luner Node in astrology, seated in padmasana on lotus pedestal, is shown headless. He is holding rosery in right and possibly mace in the left. He is wearing a dhoti which is painted. A bird is carved on pedestal, Jaipur, 19th century. 

    Accession Number 9570

  • Balmukund


    A sculpture of a Hindu god, walking on knees and holding a sweet "Ladu". He is highly ornamented. It may be god of Balmukund or infant Krishna, Jaipur, 19th century. 

    Accession Number 9535

  • Chandra (Moon)

    Chandra (Moon)

    A sculpture of Hindu god Chandra, Jaipur, 19th century. 

    Accession Number 9563

  • Vasudeva Katora

    Vasudeva Katora

    Vasudeva carrying Krishna in basket on his head. Bowl is painted with floral designs, Jaipur, 19th century. 

    Accession Number 9481(A)

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