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Date : 10-07-2008

I am so proud of you all for the amazing effort that has been put in to creat a museum that is world class! Thank you and keep up the good work.

Vasundhara Raje,
Chief  Minister,

Date : 07-07-2008

I compliment the Government of India for having funded the conservation / renovation work of the Albert Hall Museum !! The way this priceless heritage has now been displayed is indeed praise worthy.
I congratulate the enthusiastic team of officers, craftsperson, technicians and the citizens of Jaipur led by shree Salahuddin Ahmad I.A.S. for their untiring effort in transforming this world class Monument into its present shape.

Bina kak,
Tourism,Art & Culture,
Forest and Envirement Minister,

Date : 01-07-2008

I visited  this extremely impressive museum with rare and  tastefully collection and displayed object, arms, carpet etc for the first time today. My congratulation  to all the decision makers who provided the resources for the restoration, renovation and new display. Specially CM, my colleague Inderjeet Singh Masuda, Sh. B.L. gupta, Sh. Salahuddin, Mr. Rakesh chholak and Vinita Singh and their team who here made all this happen.

S.K. Singh,
Former Governor,

Date : 17-04-2010

Every thing here was  interesting  and beautiful.

Maki, Okubo from Japan

Date : 08-09-2009

A very beautiful museum- the display, restoration, modernization, information system are absolutely state of the art and very well maintained. On behalf of the Dr. B&L Mumbai City Museum, I extend the warmest wishes and well for the future of this Museum, an absolutely sterling example of  what our country needs.

Special Thanks to Chholak jiand his team for their help and cooperation.

Astt. Curator
Dr. B & L Mumbai City Museum

Date :22-01-2010

What a beautiful restoration  of the museum! The pleasure  and  the beauty are in each room.

Diane De Selliers
Editions Diane de selliors
20, rue d Anjou-75008, Paris

Date : 05-03-2011

I enjoyed the work in conservation of the mummy with the Jaipur museum team.

Tarek Mohamed
Head of director of the mummies
Egyption museum.

Date : 17-11-2011

The Albert Hall museum is one of the finest museum. I have seen the collection of coins  relating to the Kanishk, Gupta, Delhi sultanat, Mughal and east India company periods was excellent so were the collection of textile, painting, statues, craft, carpet among tham. A very clean and well maintained museum with courteous staff  and an excellent audio guide this museum must be on everyone’s itinerary there visit to Jaipur.

K. Ashok Vardnan Shetty (IAS)
Principal Secretary/Special commissioner
of Archives and historical research,
Egmors, Chennai.


Date : 21-01-2012

An outstanding collection as a sensitive display. Congratulate.

Goutam sen Gupta
D.G. Asi

Date : 16-01-2009

I visiting the Albet Museum after a gap of about 15 years it has completely transformed!  The collection has been carefully selected and beautifully  displayed. It has become a ‘must- see’ tourist spot in Jaipur. Compliment to the team!

V. Gupta
Secretary education

Date : 17-07-2008

Fabulous job at reviving a spectacular building.
Breath taking ! great work !!

Abha Narain
Conservation architect, Bombay

Date : 24-12-2009

A few Years ago I have visited Albert Hall and found the conditions appalling. It was dirty, dark and simply deplorable.  At the time I wrote a letter to the administrative body voicing my complaints.

This year I have visited Albert Hall again and was amazed at the changes that had taken place- from the new fence to the well tended lawn to the nets against defecating pigeons – there has been a tremendous change for the better, and that applies to the inside of the museum as well – it was clean, the lighting was so good, and – best of all – the pieces that were arranged in a very pleasant and competent  manner.

At the same time the charm of the original 19. century museum was preserved  - there was no attempt to create something radically new or modern within this venerable building.
And that, I think, is the greatest achievement – to preserved – the past in a perfect way, changing it only where it is necessary for the convenience of the visitors. I hope that Albert Hall will keep its charme – there are many museum in India, but Albert Hall in its new condition. I find fascinating – it is a time capsule of the time princely state of  Jaipur and the Raj.

Altogether, it was wonderful to see this part of the heritage of old Jaipur to be maintained it such a splendid fashion, I also notices the new restaurant attached to the museum and the museum shop – both clean, well set up and very attractive.

Finally, I want to mention the excellent catalogue – I have bought it together with the catalogues from Alwar, Udaipur and Bharatpur. All these place I have visited over  the years and found it very sad that there was not a single decent publication. The Jaipur catalogue is by far the best, but the others are a tremendous innovation also.

I hope that Albert Hall will be kept in its present condition by constant repairs and restoration – both to the building and to the exhibits. All to often in India after a museum has been repaired or newly established, in a few years dirt, dust and rust attack again. The once pleasing picture reverts to the drab and hopeless disorder that you find in so many museum in India. You have only to look at the arms collection in the National museum in Delhi which was set up about 10 years ago and was very nice – it now looks worn and dirty is destroy slowly but surely some of the best pieces.

May the other museums in Jaipur and their surroundings follow this example !

Andreas F. Russegger
Am Rabenstein I b
D–61350 Bad Homburg v.d.H.
Bad Homburg

Date : 12-02-2009

अल्बर्ट हॉल संग्रहालय का अवलोकन किया पांच वर्ष बाद। संग्रहालय का पूर्णः कायाकल्प हो गया है तथा इसे सही मायने में विश्व स्तर का स्मारक-संग्रहालय बना दिया हैं सुभानल्लाह। अनूठे, अनकरणीय इस भगीरथ प्रयास हेतु जनाब किबला एस.अहमद तथा श्री बी.एल.गुप्ता, निदेशक तथा उनकी पूरी टीम, श्री राकेश छोलक अधीक्षक एवं उनके सारे विभागीय सहकर्मी सराहना के पात्र हैं।

डॉ॰ ललित के पॅवार,

I am so proud of you all for the amazing effort that has been put in to creat a museum that is world class! Thank you and keep up the good work.

Vasundhara Raje,
Former Chief  Minister,

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